International Council of Unitarians and Universalists


The ICUU provides resources for our member and emerging groups as well as friends of the ICUU to use in their faith communities as they engage and become part of our global family of faith. Many of these resources are offered by our member emerging groups that our member groups and friends and we hope you find them interesting and helpful.

New Year’s Greetings from Host of 2016 Council Meeting & Conference

Dear Unitarian Universalists and liberal religious brothers and sisters worldwide, On behalf of our liberal religious association Vrijzinnigen Nederland I wish an inspiring and healthy 2016 for you, and for your association and churches a prosperous and fruitful year. For us this is a special year in which the International Conference of Unitarians and Universalists […]

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January 2016

ICUU announces the 149th in its monthly global chalice lighting readings. Congregations worldwide are invited to use the reading for at least one worship service in the designated month, identifying it as the “ICUU Global Chalice Lighting” for that month. This Global Chalice Lighting was originally submitted by the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free […]

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December 2015

ENGLISH: You are welcome here visitor, friend or long time member. You are welcome here. With your family or partner Or lover or alone We joyfully welcome you here. You are welcome here as believer Or doubter, as joiner or loner. You are welcome here feeling a part of us or not, Full of energy […]

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ICUU wants to be responsive to the need for material about the Unitarian and Universalist religion in many languages. To begin, we can direct you to these existing sites: Czech Chinese Danish Spanish Finnish French German Hungarian Italian Polish Russian Swedish Please email us with other sites that you know about.

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Global Chalice Lightings

All ICUU-affiliated groups have been invited to submit brief chalice lightings. Every month, a chalice-lighting reading will be distributed to Unitarian and Universalist congregations around the world. We ask each congregation to use the reading for at least one worship service in the designated month, identifying it as the “Global Chalice Lighting” for that month […]

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From time to time the ICUU organizes a Symposium. This is a gathering of thinkers, lay and ordained, who are willing to work at deepening our understanding of our shared faith and our global connections. At a Symposium formally requested major papers are delivered. There are less formal sessions and time for discussion and debate. […]

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Youth Events

The ICUU has a committment to connecting our youth and young adults whenever possible and to helping train the next generation of leaders. Funding international gatherings of youth and young adults is never easy. At present no events are planned. Below are some brief reports from previous events. The 2nd ICUU-ORGANISED Youth Conference The 2nd […]

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Leadership Conferences

One of the most successful programs of the ICUU has been our Leadership Conferences. The model is simple: a faculty of trained leaders from around the world deliver a several day series of workshops in an area where our liberal faith is developing. Every effort is made to work with local planners to present a […]

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Ebooks published or shared by the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.   BELONGING — Proceedings of the 3rd ICUU Theological Symposium held in July 2010 in The Netherlands Theological Symposium 2010 Proceedings eBook                     HUMBLE IN FRONT OF GOD — Words for Worship from Transylvanian […]

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