International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

February Update on Situation of Burundi Unitarians

The situation in Burundi remains of concern with widespreadviolence mostly in Bujumbura but also in rural areas.  As a consequence, many deaths are registered and dead body are still found on the streets and other people are killed through fighting between armed groups and the police and the Army. A report from Amnesty International stated […]

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Burundi Refugees

Crisis Situation for Unitarians in Burundi

Violence in Burundi has escalated with government forces killing civilians, leaving the bodies in the streets to further terrorise their people. The still active charges against the leader of the Burundi Unitarians are now being used to seek to arrest and intimidate the lawyers and those of others faiths who were of assistance. Regrettably, it […]

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Mother Africa and Unitarianism

Unitarianism has existed in Africa since 1867 when the Cape Town, South Africa, Congregation was established. InSouth Africa there also are active fellowships in Durban, Somerset West and Johannesburg. Nigeria has had a thriving Unitarian presence since 1919 and both countries are members of the ICUU.  In recent years there has been a growing interest […]

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