International Council of Unitarians and Universalists


Here you can find a list of all places in the world where Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists can be found and information about their congregations and communities.

United States,UUA

UUA Presidential Candidates Respond to International Questions

I am happy to share, with our ICUU community, that the three candidates for UUA President have respondedto five questions about international U/U engagement posed by the UU International Joint Working Group (ICUU, UU Partner Church Council, and UUA International Office).  CLICK HERE to read their responses along with the joint statement on international engagement […]

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Latino Ministry

Latino ministry: a community of the 21st century

Two years ago, a 15 year old  boy -Sergio Urrego- took a picture of himself kissing his boyfriend. One of his teachers found this photo and shared it with the leadership of the school. It triggered a formal investigation because a kiss of two people of the same sex was against the “moral and religious […]

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February Update on Situation of Burundi Unitarians

The situation in Burundi remains of concern with widespreadviolence mostly in Bujumbura but also in rural areas.  As a consequence, many deaths are registered and dead body are still found on the streets and other people are killed through fighting between armed groups and the police and the Army. A report from Amnesty International stated […]

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Burundi Refugees

Crisis Situation for Unitarians in Burundi

Violence in Burundi has escalated with government forces killing civilians, leaving the bodies in the streets to further terrorise their people. The still active charges against the leader of the Burundi Unitarians are now being used to seek to arrest and intimidate the lawyers and those of others faiths who were of assistance. Regrettably, it […]

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20th Anniversary

ICUU 20th Anniversary Video for Hungarian Unitarian Church

ICUU 20th Anniversary Video for Hungarian Unitarian Church from ICUU on Vimeo. This video was prepared by the Hungarian Unitarian Church in collaboration with the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists. It was viewed by every congregation of the Hungarian Unitarian Church in Romania and Hungary on Sunday 22 March, 2015 – the date ICUU […]

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India – Khasi Hills Unitarianism

A Native Flower Like the orchids that grow plentifully in the area, Unitarianism has found favourable conditions for germination in the Khasi Hills. Within a radius of 50 miles in the highlands of northeast India live 98 percent (over 9000 people) of the country’s Unitarians. (A small but important community of Tamil Unitarians exists in […]

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Transylvanian Unitarianism

A Life-Centered Movement Theologically, Unitarianism in Transylvania is theistic. “It is a Protestant, non-dogmatic, Christian denomination, and a liberal and progressive religious community. Transylvanian Unitarians do not believe in the Trinity of God; God is one, both in essence and in person. But above all, God is Love. We think that the purpose of our […]

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