International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Policy Manual

The fundamental policies of the ICUU are the Constitution and By-laws.  The constitution of an organization is a brief statement of its basic objectives, structure and methods of operation, while the by-laws comprise a set of regulations for its internal organization.  In addition, we have developed policies which expand on some provisions of the by-laws […]

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By-Laws – Edited 2010

INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF UNITARIANS AND UNIVERSALISTS BY-LAWS ARTICLE I: MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1. MEMBERS Associations or churches may apply for membership in the Council to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, being satisfied that the applicant meets the terms contained in the Constitution along with such further conditions that the Executive Committee may from time to […]

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ICUU Constitution – 2010

ICUU Constitution PREAMBLE The Executive Committee sees that The mission of the ICUU is to: foster communication, relationships and understanding within the international U*U community; build networks and partnerships among member groups, their congregations, leaders and institutions; identify and nurture emerging groups around the world; for mutual inspiration, development and growth. We, the member groups […]

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