International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

ICUU Governance

ICUU strives to be transparent in how we do our work. This page offers information on the organizational structures, procedures, and foundational documents of the ICUU.


2018 ICUU Council Meeting Schedule – Daily Click To Download – DAILY   2018 ICUU Conference Schedule – Week Overview Click To Download – WEEK OVERVIEW    2018 ICUU Conference Guide Click To Download – 2018 ICUU CONFERENCE GUIDE    2018 ICUU Council Meeting – Business Meeting Materials Click To Download – 2018 ICUU COUNCIL […]

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ICUU NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT for the ICUU Council Meeting February 2018 Kathmandu, Nepal Download Full Report and Nominee Bios – Click Here A report from the Nominating Committee was previously circulated containing the proposed slate of nominees for the Executive and Nominating Committees for 2018-2020. There were two vacancies on the slate, since then nominations […]

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2017 Year End Appeal

Dear Fellow Unitarians and Universalists, The events of this past year have brought with them a growing sense of our human frailty and fragility. The voices of division and oppression are increasing rather than diminishing. And the need for our liberal religious voices to be loud and robust has not lessened. The raising violence and […]

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ICUU Special Council Meeting – NOV 2017

ICUU Special Council Meeting Minutes November 9, 2017 Thursday 9 November 2017 at 13:00 Coordinated Universal Time. The meeting will be conducted online, using “zoom”. This meeting is open to council members and observers. All delegates/proxies from Full Member Groups were asked to complete a delegate form in advance to be able to vote during […]

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10 DAYS LEFT to Support our Global Faith Communities

ICUU works with emerging & existing Unitarian/Universalist communities to help train and educate their current & upcoming leaders in areas of religious life. We strive to assist U/U communities around the world to build strong, vibrant, and self-sustaining congregations. To help do this we have launched a Regional Faith & Leadership Development Faithify campaign. Please […]

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ICUU Executive Director May 2017 Update

Dear Member Groups & Friends, I want to give you an update on what has been happening in the ICUU since our Council Meeting & Conference in July 2016. Please click READ HERE to see the full text of my latest update to the ICUU global community. Blessings, Sara Ascher The mission of the ICUU […]

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