International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Member Group Events

In addition to ICUU sponsored events such as the Council Meetings, many member groups sponsor travel events and national meetings where international visitors are welcome. The Calendar page shows all events according to date. Member Group Events lists opportunities in greater detail.

Hungarian Unitarian Church Celebration of Edict of Torda 450th Anniversary

Dedication of the Center for Religious Freedom—Kolozsvár, Romania From the Hungarian Unitarian Church: The Edict of Torda is closely linked to the founding of the Unitarian Church in Transylvania. Bishop Francis David and King John Sigismund played a significant role in the ratification of the law that allowed for the first time the right for […]

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Celebrating Declaration of Religious Freedom and Tolerance

On January 13, 2016 the Hungarian Unitarian Church honours the 448th anniversary of the Declaration of Religious Freedom and Tolerance, an edict which might be considered as the first legal guarantee of religious freedom in the Christian Europe. 448 years ago, in 1568, on January the 13th, the Diet of Torda (Transylvania) proclaimed: „His majesty, […]

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