International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Biennial Conference

Every two years the Member Groups, Emerging Groups, and Friends of the ICUU gather together for a Biennial Council Meeting and Conference. These conferences are usually hosted by Member Groups so that the international U/U family can experience their culture and communities.


2018 ICUU Council Meeting Schedule – Daily Click To Download – DAILY   2018 ICUU Conference Schedule – Week Overview Click To Download – WEEK OVERVIEW¬†   2018 ICUU Conference Guide Click To Download – 2018 ICUU CONFERENCE GUIDE¬†   2018 ICUU Council Meeting – Business Meeting Materials Click To Download – 2018 ICUU COUNCIL […]

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ICUU NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT for the ICUU Council Meeting February 2018 Kathmandu, Nepal Download Full Report and Nominee Bios – Click Here A report from the Nominating Committee was previously circulated containing the proposed slate of nominees for the Executive and Nominating Committees for 2018-2020. There were two vacancies on the slate, since then nominations […]

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ICUU 2018 Council Meeting & Conference

International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Council Meeting & Conference INDIA 11 February 2018 – 15 February 2018 The Heart of Unitarianism/Universalism During the next International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Conference, 11 February – 15 February 2018 in the Khasi Hills of North East India, we will explore the multifaceted nature of our global […]

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Grants to Attend Conference & Council Meeting 2016

ICUU sets aside funds to provide grants to enable representatives of full member groups, provisional member groups and emerging groups to attend and participate in ICUU meetings and conferences. In the interests of open access and transparency, grants to attend the ICUU Council Meeting and Conference to be held July 2016 in the Netherlands will […]

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New Year’s Greetings from Host of 2016 Council Meeting & Conference

Dear Unitarian Universalists and liberal religious brothers and sisters worldwide, On behalf of our liberal religious association Vrijzinnigen Nederland I wish an inspiring and healthy 2016 for you, and for your association and churches a prosperous and fruitful year. For us this is a special year in which the International Conference of Unitarians and Universalists […]

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