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Registration closes: April 10, 2018 – 11:00pm

Price: $1095/person (plus registration fee of $50 for theological students/$150 for
others). Airfare not included.

A Mindful Walk: A Pilgrimage on Foot (July 14 – 27, 2018 (14 days/13 nights)

Walk the beautiful rolling hills and pastoral river valleys of central Transylvania. This
pilgrimage is a collaboration between the UUPCC and Starr King School for the Ministry
(SKSM). Students at SKSM, Meadville Lombard Theological School and potentially
other seminaries will have the option of getting credit for the pilgrimage.
Prof. Megan Dowdell from SKSM and UUPCC Board member Rev. Andrew Weber
(who is conversant in Hungarian) will lead the content portion of the pilgrimage. Our
UUPCC Travel Coordinators John Dale and Csilla Kolcsar will coordinate the logistics.
Not for the casual walker. Daily walking distances will range from 10 – 28 km (6-17
miles) in length, and will utilize secondary and tertiary roads of varying surfaces (dirt,
gravel & paved) along with horse-cart paths and hiking trails. Walkers will be provided
with detailed maps and reflective safety vests to wear on paved roads.

Accommodations will be provided in Unitarian towns and villages utilizing
congregational and municipal guest houses along with home stays where necessary.
Homemade, nourishing meals will be provided by local Unitarian congregations.
Luggage vans will carry extra gear from destination to destination, and sag wagons will
pick up those walkers who wish to end their day early. Evening programs will include
lectures, discussion groups, worship and meditation, along with music, and local

The trip will begin and end in the Transylvanian city of Cluj (Kolozsvár). The eight-day
walk will start in a village just outside of Târgu – Mures (Marosvásárhely), and finish in
the twin Unitarian villages of Belin/Alta-Mare (Bölön/Nagyajta) where hikers will spend
the night before boarding buses the next day for Deva (Déva). During the walk, pilgrims
will engage in short didactic sessions on religious history, Transylvanian community life,
as well as personal spiritual practices. Our walking will culminate in a climb to the
mountain-top fortress above Deva where we will gather for an evening vesper service
outside the prison cell where Francis David, the first Bishop of the Unitarian Church,
was martyred. On the final day of the trip we will again board buses for the return to Cluj
(Kolosvár) for our farewell dinner and folklore show.


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