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Hungarian Unitarian Church Celebration of Edict of Torda 450th Anniversary

Dedication of the Center for Religious Freedom—Kolozsvár, Romania

From the Hungarian Unitarian Church: The Edict of Torda is closely linked to the
founding of the Unitarian Church in Transylvania. Bishop Francis David and King John
Sigismund played a significant role in the ratification of the law that allowed for the first
time the right for religious freedom and conscience and also the right of the
congregations to elect their own preachers. Because of this law, Transylvania became a
land of religious freedom and denominational tolerance, providing shelter for people
charged with heresy in other less tolerant European countries.

To commemorate this momentous event in the history of the Hungarian Unitarian
Church, a project of outstanding importance was undertaken. The former residence of
the Unitarian bishops, one of the remaining medieval buildings in Kolozsvár, is being
renovated and transformed to serve the purposes of the larger community. The building
will be committed as Center for Religious Freedom and will house a community area, a
research center for religious studies and a museum.
The Center for Religious Freedom will be dedicated to the service of the community and
the ideal of religious freedom and tolerance."

UU Clergy are encouraged to participate as part of the FIRST EVER Joint UU
Ministers Association/Hungarian Unitarian Church Ministers Association
Pilgrimage – Beginning and ending in Kolozsvár/Cluj, this pilgrimage will take you to the
region’s most significant Unitarian holy places including Torda, Gyulaferhervar & Deva.
You will help celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda by being at the
dedication of the Center for Religious Freedom in the renovated Bishop’s House in
Kolozsvár and attend a conference on religious freedom led by a panel of theologians
from Transylvania, the US, Indonesia, India and Burundi. The pilgrimage will include
three days of conversation and joint programming with Hungarian Unitarian Church
colleagues at a retreat center. This pilgrimage is ONLY open to members of the UUMA
in preliminary and final fellowship and the Hungarian Unitarian Church Ministers
Association. In order to foster bonds with Hungarian Unitarian Church counterparts that
might endure for many years of service in ministry, priority registration will be given to
ministers in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.
And, Register Now

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