International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

ICUU Special Council Meeting – NOV 2017

ICUU Special Council Meeting Minutes November 9, 2017

Thursday 9 November 2017 at 13:00 Coordinated Universal Time.

The meeting will be conducted online, using “zoom”. This meeting is open to council members and observers. All delegates/proxies from Full Member Groups were asked to complete a delegate form in advance to be able to vote during the meeting. Relevant Documents were circulated via the ICUUM list and to Delegates prior to the Special General Meeting.


Sara Ascher, ICUU Executive Director
Dávid Gyerö, ICUU President
Fulgence Ndagijimana – ICUU Vice President
Lara Fuchs, ICUU Secretary
John (Mich) Mitchell, ICUU Treasurer

Member Group Delegates
Pauline Rooney, ANZUA
Jean Bosco Ndihokabwayo, Burundi
Diane Rollert, Canada
Brian Kiely, Canada
Peter Jarrett, EUU
Heidi von Hagen, Germany
Lawrence Sudbury, Italy
Aryanto Nugroho, Indonesia
Wies Houweling, Netherlands
Bishop Bálint Benczédi Ferenc, Romania
Emőd Farkas, Romania
Gordon Oliver, South Africa
Derek McAuley, UK Unitarians
Eric Cherry, UUA (& ICUU Member at Large)

Kieth Wilkinson, Canada
Julie Steinbach, USA
Eva Kortekas, EUU

Apologies from: Jaume Demarcos (Spain), Darihun Khriam (India), Inga Brandes (Germany)


1. Welcome from President. Reading from “the Traveler” John O’Donohue
Let us pause a moment to contemplate together the journey that today we set out upon.
May we understand that a journey can become a sacred thing:
Because we want to make sure our journey of transition is a sacred time!

2. Determination of Quorum (Pres & Exec Dir)
Quorum reached, consisting of more than half of the member groups.

Video of meeting started

3. Report on developments since the last Council meeting and on plans for the next Council Meeting 2018. D. Gyero and S. Asher
Refer to document, “Fulfilling the Promise, o0utlining plans and goals for ICUU.
This past year of transition included planning of the upcoming 2018 CM, delivering programs with increased focus to serve member groups, along with the new Executive Director.
Special focus areas of ICUU Governance and Membership have consulting teams with members from ICUU Executive and from member groups. These teams will make proposals to the EC which will be presented to the Council at the CM in 2018.
2018 Council Meeting had to move from India due to new visa requirements for India. CM will be held in Katmandu, Nepal. Draft of CM program will be completing by December 2017. Registration is still open for participants.

Q – Wies H. Regarding youth. Is there a young adult programing?
A – Yes. Partner Church Council is involved in planning and there will be 10-13 youth and young adults at the CM, with programming for this group.
Q – John M. Regarding registration numbers for CM
A – Very few cancellations after moving of venue. 73 registrations so far, still open
Q – John M. Will there still be involvement from the UNEI?
A – Yes, but not as much as if the CM was at their site. There are outside factors of local elections happening at the same time that will hinder involvement of many people.

4. Treasurer’s Report & Interim Accounts (See attached reports and budget doc.)
Mich Mitchell reporting of accounts and proposed 2018 budget
Fundraising efforts have produced lower than expected revenue this year, however income from grants were higher than anticipated. Some member contributions are still outstanding. Some funding from CUC reflects income from other sources that is managed by CUC.
Increase in administrative costs reflects expansion and upgrading of our technology and for office support staff. The EC strongly supports this administrative support for our Executive Director. This administrative assistance will be in the form of local office assistance and also for communication and programming development support.
ICUU is in the process of a full financial review of our 2016 accounting. This review will be a one-time expense.
ICUU has created a budgeted contingency fund to buffer unexpected expenses.
Sara Asher as new ED is commended on her ability to adapt expenditures as needed.

Q – D. McAuley. Expenditures – are they all going out in 2017?
A – No. some of the expenditures will span two calendar years, mostly related to CM.
Q – P. Jarrett. Why was there a financial review expense, and why is it not in the green column?
A – An independent financial review was deemed prudent following the change-over of Executive Directors. Correct – it should be in the green column, and will be corrected. Projected actuals will remain correct.

Q & A – clarification of increase of administrative expenses
Q – regarding exra spending for group training/travel
A – Due to unanticipated travel and group visits by new ED. This expense is not expected to continue.
Q – Related to financial sustainability and contingency fund.
A – Yes, we have some unpredictable financial situations so decided to keep some aside for contingency.
Q – request to see balance sheets.
A – the audit is not yet complete, but the balance sheets can be shared with those who request it.

5. Consideration of proposed ICUU Budget for 2018
Motion by the Executive Committee to accept the proposed 2018 budget as presented.
Diane Rollert seconds the motion
Vote to approve Budget was unanimous.

6. Opportunity for questions and discussion

No further questions

President Dávid Gyerö thanks all who attended the meeting for their interest and support of ICUU.
Invitation to join our next conversation at the CM in Nepal in February.

Meeting closed at 70 minutes (1410 CUT)

Respectfully submitted by Lara Fuchs, ICUU Secretary

Link to Treasurer’s Report