International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

UUA Presidential Candidates Respond to International Questions

I am happy to share, with our ICUU community, that the three candidates for UUA President have respondedto five questions about international U/U engagement posed by the UU International Joint Working Group (ICUU, UU Partner Church Council, and UUA International Office).  CLICK HERE to read their responses along with the joint statement on international engagement they signed last fall. I encourage you to take a look. Even though most of the ICUUcommunity cannot vote in this election, the UUA remains an active and important memberof our global faith work. I believe, like with all our Member Groups, what happens in the leadership of one group affects that group’s mutual & right relationship to the larger U/U international family.

I am grateful to Rev. Jeanne Pupke, Rev. Alison Miller and Rev. Susan Frederick Gray for their willingness to share their responses to our questions that shows their deep commitment to our global faith connections.


Rev. Sara Ascher, Executive Director ICUU

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