International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Special General Meeting of the ICUU Council – NOV 2016

Special General Meeting of the ICUU Council

Thursday November 10, 2016 at 09:00 Eastern U.S. time
Conducted online using ZOOM


Kiely – Canada
Celia Midgley
Dávid Gyerö, President and delegate for Transylvania
Derek McAuley – UK
Diane Rollert
Ellen Campbell – Canada
Eric Cherry, Member at Large and delegate for UUA
Farkas Emod
Fulgence Ndagijimana – Burundi
Galen Gisler – UUA
Istvan Kovacs – Hungary
John Michell, Treasurer
John Midgley
Jozsef Kaszoni – Hungary
Lara Fuchs, Secretary
Lawrence Sudbury
Pap Maria – Transylvania
Peter Abrehart Australia/New Zealand
Wolfgan Jantz – Germany
Sara Ascher, Executive Director


1. Welcome from President David Gyerö
Let us be driven by the promise and potential of the ICUU.

2. Determination of Quorum (Pres & Exec Dir) 11 delegates are present. Quorum reached.

3. Report on developments since the last Council meeting and on plans for the next Council Meeting – Khasi Hills, India 2018
Sara Ascher reports on status of staff transition period. She is now fully in charge of all staff duties and Steve Dick is now in a final period of sabbatical.
Membership and governance structures are currently under review by a task force.  Will soon invite participation from member groups for input. Full report to council will be made by the end of this calendar year. Sara will endeavor to make regular reports on her activities to the EC and the Council members.

David recognizes that the Italian group, the Communidad, has applied to be recognized formally as a religious institution by the nation of Italy, giving them many benefits of status recognition.
In Indonesia, following a peaceful demonstration in Jakarta against corruption that became a violent riot our Unitarian member group became involved in interfaith dialogue with the government to add their voices to the conversation about rights
and corruption.
One way to share the good news of our religion is through our local and national stories with others around the world.
Derek McAuley – question about contacts from people in Sierra Leone. Sara reports it is a group of about 20 people who have been meeting for a while. They have received information about ICUU and Sara will be having a conversation soon with the leaders. Also connecting people in Buenos Aries and Kenya and Tanzania.
Sara and David will be travelling to India next month to begin preparing for the 2018 Council meeting.

4. Treasurer’s Report & Interim Accounts John (Mich) Michell reviewed treasurer’s report.
A special letter for an end of the year fundraising appeal will be sent to member groups soon as well as a fundraising appeal for the Burundi Project early in 2017. It is the responsibility of all members to assist with the fundraising of ICUU, please help as you can to ensure we can fulfill our programing needs for this year and the coming year.

5. Consideration of proposed ICUU Budget for 2017 John (Mich) Michell reviewed proposed 2016/2017 budget and changes to
accounting format. Mention that Fulgence is no longer going to be the African Regional Staff person, and this position will remain vacant for the coming year in order to discern the needs of the region.  John Midgely asks if there will be involvement and budget for young adults at the next CM – Sara reports that there are plans being made between the UUA, UUPCC and ICUU about how to engage young adults internationally, and are considering budgeting needs. Details will be available for the 2018 budget.  President moves that the budget be accepted as presented. Galen Gisler seconds the motion. 11 hands raised.0 opposed.0 abstentions.

Motion to approve the 2017 Budget approved unanimously by council. 

David Gyero thanks Treasurer, Mich Michell, and all who contributed to discussion.

6. Opportunity for questions and discussion Wolfgang Jantz mentions the upcoming conference being organized jointly by
German Unitarians and EUU at Pentecost, 2017. This will be held in both English and German, and is open to all.
Lawrence expresses concerns about the design of the ICUU website and asks if there are plans to update it to be more effective. Sara replies that she is pursuing a review of our website and external communication tools, and looking for opportunities to bring multiple languages to the use of our website.
Question about how many groups and people does ICUU have in Africa? Fulgence responds: Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, S. Africa, Rwanda, Congo Brazzaville. We do not have exact membership numbers reported from all groups.
Maria Pap – invites member groups to celebrate Jan 13 as day for religious freedom In 2018 we will be celebrating 450 years since declaration of religious freedom and tolerance.

Closing remarks – David Gyero
Thank you for attending the meeting.
To our Indian member group; we are looking forward to being there for the Council meeting in 2018.
We are carrying Rebecca Siennes in our prayers and hearts as she faces health struggles.
Thanks to the members of the Executive committee who are here today and to those who could not be present
It is noted that there were great numbers of Canadians and Hungarians at this meeting.
Closing Remarks by Dávid Gyerö: Letter of Titus, Chapter 3

Meeting closed at 09:10 EST

Respectfully submitted by Lara Fuchs, ICUU Secretary