International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

ICUU Council Meeting – JUL 2016

ICUU Council Meeting 18-19 July 2016 ICUU CM 16 01 – Agenda & Procedures


Voting Delegates present

ANZUUA Pauline Rooney

Burundi Paul Niyonizigiye

Canada John Michell Rev. Diane Rollert

Czech Republic Jan Srajer 

Denmark Vagn Plenge

EUU Peter Jarrett

Germany Heidi vom Hagen

HUC (Romania) Emod Farkas, Rev. Istvan Kovacs

Hungarian District of HUC Botond Elekes, Rev. Jozsef Kászoni

India Rev. Darihun Khariam, Rev. Harrison Kingsley

Indonesia Rev. Ary Nugroho

Netherlands Feiko Prinz, Rev. Wies Houwelling

Norway Jane Robertson
Philippines Rev. Tet Gallardo

Spain Jaume deMarcos

South Africa Ivan Baard

United Kingdom Derek McAuley,  Jacqueline Woodman

USA Rev. Eric Cherry, Rev. Peter Morales



Tuesday 19 July 9:30-12:00 Session III Business Session

  1. Call to Order & Welcome President David Gyero used the lyrics of the song  “One Love” by U2 to open the 2016 meeting of the Council of the ICUU. Incoming ED Sara Ascher lights the Chalice.


  1. Approval of Agenda and Procedures

David asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Pauline Rooney moved and Derek McAuley seconded the motion that the Council approves the agenda and procedures. There were no proposals for changes, and the motion was approved unanimously

David asked for a motion to approve the meeting Rules and Procedures. Peter Jarret moved and Ary Nugroho seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.


  1. Roll Call & Credentials Exec Director

Rev. Steve Dick invited delegates present to respond as he called their names.  The roll call is listed above. 18 of 21 possible groups are represented  –  a quorum is present

This is the largest number of delegates at any ICUU meeting to date.


  1. Adoption of 2014 Council Meeting Minutes

Rev. Eric Cherry moved that the Council adopt the minutes of the 2014 Council Meeting. Pauline Rooney seconded the motion. There were no questions, amendments or discussion and the Council voted unanimously to accept the minutes.


  1. Treasurer’s Report & Presentation of Accounts

Galen Gisler reported current account statement and financial situation over past 2 years to Council. Galen is stepping down from his role as ICUU Treasurer, but will continue to operate the Santander account, due to difficulties in transferring signing authority to new Treasurer, for the period of time necessary to pay the salary of the outgoing Executive Director.

There are no questions or discussion from the floor.

Motion to receive accounts as presented by John Mitchell and seconded by Tet Gallardo. The motion was approved unanimously.


  1. Staff Report Exec Director & Senior Program Consultant

Jill McAllister – Senior Program consultant. Shares work of leadership training and creating mentoring coalition relationships.

Steve Dick – Executive Director. Highlights of some specific programs and activities over past 2 years.

David expresses gratitude to staff.


  1. Application for Provisional Member: Kenya – D. Gyerö introduces Ben Macharia who gives a brief report on the UUCK. Ben is the founding chairman of UU Church of Kenya since 2006, and had several interactions with ICUU. Encouragement and influence from ICUU has been instrumental in formation of congregations and leadership development. 6 congregations now in Kenya, 150 members. Kenya is now in a position to move to next level of membership and be more engaged.

The EC moves that the Council approve the Unitarian Universalist Church (Kenya) to be a provisional member of the ICUU. Diane Rollert seconded the motion, all were in favor, so the motion was carried.


  1. Review of Suspension of Member Group: Poland

David invites representative from Poland to speak briefly about the situation. Justyna Borusinska – Polish church doesn’t have activity as a congregation, but some Unitarians are active individually to maintain relationships. ICUU membership is important to be part of a recognized organization. Poland would benefit from being in relationship with network of ICUU members, and would help group to sustain and improve its current situation. Requests “suspension” of membership to be lifted.

Steve Dick explains “suspension” as defined by current bylaws and how the group does not meet requirement for active member status. However, the ICUU does remain in contact and relationship. EC is not able to recommend removal of suspension of member status due to the criteria in our bylaws for membership.

EC moves to maintain suspension of member group in Poland until next CM for further review. Joszef Kászoni seconded.

Eric Cherry asks clarification of membership criteria.  D. Gyerö reads from bylaws the article on membership criteria.  No votes against motion.  7 abstentions. Majority of delegates vote to approve motion to maintain suspension.  David expresses that this is not a vote of lack of confidence in the group, but of a policy issue.


Pauline Rooney brings up the issue of the continued membership of Brazil, based on the policy of membership criteria that was just read.  

ED responds that our regional consultant is following up with Brazil, and the incoming EC will be reviewing this issue and making a recommendation. Brazil hasn’t pay dues in 3 years or responded to correspondence.

David asks if there a motion from the floor to suspend membership of Brazil? No motion presented.  End of discussion.


  1. Nominating Committee Report (including nominee remarks) Rev. Celia Midgley

Thanks to Ellen Campbell and Derek Pariat, members of Nominating committee.

David invited Rev. Celia Midgley to share the report and introduce the nominees of the Nominating Committee for the members of the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee.


Asks members to indicate if they agree with the Nominating Committee proposal to have the at large candidate that is not elected to EC as candidate for nominating. The Delegates agree unanimously.  

Celia Invites speeches from the candidates, including 4 uncontested candidates for the officer positions and 4 nominees for the 3 Member At Large Positions.


  1. Balloting for EC Election – Executive Director & Rev. Celia Midgley

Steve explains the instructions for voting and distributed the ballots to the delegates. Celia collected the ballots, then she and Steve left the room to count the votes.


  1. Refreshment Break


  1. Announcement of Election Results by Rev. Celia Midgley

President: Rev. David Gyerö

Vice President: Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana

Treasurer:  John “Mich” Mitchell

Secretary: Lara Fuchs

3 Member At Large:

Rev. Darihun Khariam

Rev. Eric Cherry

Inga Brandes


David propose a motion from the Chair that the Rev. Derrick Pariat, the Rev. Celia Midgley and the Rev. Tet Gallardo, the Member-At-Large Candidate not elected to the EC is elected as the Nominating Committee for 2016-2018. Rev. Eric Cherry seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

David offers gratitude to outgoing nominating committee member, Ellen Campbell


Welcome to the new EC and thank you to the Nominating Committee


  1. Consideration of Matters Arising from Sessions I & II

Proposal for adoption of new ICUU mission statement.


Identity, Values and Mission of the ICUU


Inspired by the Spirit of Life and with a commitment to the ideals of freedom and reason in religion,

We, the member groups of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, affirming our belief in religious community based on

  • liberty of conscience and individual thought in matters of faith
  • the inherent worth and dignity of every person
  • justice and compassion in human relations
  • responsible stewardship of the earth’s living system
  • and our commitment to democratic principles,


The mission of the ICUU is to empower existing and emerging member groups to sustain and grow our global faith community.


A written report of the process will be sent to CM and EC will create a new set of programmatic goals based on the work we did together.


David invites a motion for the Council to accept the new Mission statement – Peter Jarret moves, Derek McAuley seconds, the new statement is unanimously approved.


  1. Any Other Business

David shared details on the next meeting of the Council, to be held in India in 2018.


David presented a motion from the Chair to offer thanks for Rev. Brian Kiely, member at large, Pauline Rooney, vice president and Galen Gisler, treasurer for their terms of service as members of the EC, and for their leadership as officers of the ICUU.


David moved a motion from the Chair to thank to the volunteers and staff and board of the UUPCC for their leadership and partnership in planning and fundraising and programing the young adult event at this CM.


David moved a motion from the Chair to thank to the volunteers and leadership at Vrijzinnigen Nederland for hosting the Council Meeting in such an incredible manner at such a wonderful place. The motions were all carried by applause.


Motion from the Chair for our community in Burundi.


In order to Expresses solidarity with the Burundian people in these trying times especially refugees and grieving families.


The ICUU delegates to the 2016 Council Meeting held in the Netherlands calls for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.


And calls the government of Burundi to open up the political space and take responsibility for its role to protect everyone’s lives and property.


The International community affirms support for all peaceful means and a compromise between parties and support the people of Burundi especially the most vulnerable.


Diane Rollert seconds.  Accepted resolution unanimously.  


Announcement of 2018 CM in Khasi Hills.  More information and dates will be announced soon.

Announcement of afternoon program by host group.


General announcements.


  1. Close of Council Meeting 12:27

The delegates approved the closing of the meeting by applause and standing up.


“The mission of the ICUU is to empower existing and emerging member groups to sustain and grow our global faith community”