International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Grants to Attend Conference & Council Meeting 2016

ICUU sets aside funds to provide grants to enable representatives of full member groups, provisional member groups and emerging groups to attend and participate in ICUU meetings and conferences.

In the interests of open access and transparency, grants to attend the ICUU Council Meeting and Conference to be held July 2016 in the Netherlands will be determined via an application process.

To be considered for such a grant, a completed application form must be returned to the Executive Director by email and arrive no later than 15 March 2016. Copies of this document and of the application Form are availble at these links:

ICUU Grants to Attend ICUU Council Meeting 2016

Application Form for Sponsored Participants

The ICUU may request further information from applicants.

Applicants must be members in good standing of a member group that is up to date in dues payments to ICUU or is a recognised emerging group. Each applicant must be approved by the governing body of the member group and no more than two such recommendations will be considered from any member group.

Subsidies are available only to people who cannot otherwise afford to attend from personal or group resources. Applicants and the member or emerging group agrees to provide on request any financial or other information that ICUU may need to consider applications.

The following factors will be among those considered in making grants:

  • Priority is given to delegates and to persons who have not been funded to attend an ICUU event within the last three years
  • The status and development of the group and the applicant

The applications will be considered by the ICUU staff and the proposed grants will be reviewed and approved by the ICUU Executive Committee.

ICUU is unlikely to be able to provide grants to applications from all groups that apply and receipt by ICUU of an application should not be regarded as a commitment or promise to provide a grant. Depending on circumstance, grants may be for all costs or for some portion. Grants may be available for only one participant per country.

Those whose are subsidised in part or in whole to attend the meeting are expected to arrange for and fund their own visas, if required, and to fund domestic transportation in their own country to the international airport,except in exceptional circumstances. ICUU will arrange an international return air ticket to the site of the conference and coverthe on-site conference costs for the participant up to the level of the grant.

Special Provision for Young Adults:
There is an additional special provision for funding Young Adults (21-35) for a grant which requires a separate application.  All Young Adults should also apply for funding from that source. For more information, please contact Melody Moberg

For More Information or Answers to Questions:
Please contact Steve Dick at

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