International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Executive Committee 2016 – 2018

ICUU Executive Committee 2016-2018

The current ICUU Executive Committee includes: David Gyero, Fulgence Ndagijimana, John “Mich” Michell, Lara Fuchs, Inga Brandes, Darihun Khriam, and Eric Cherry.

President: Gyerő Dávid


Hungarian Unitarian Church Headquarters

400105 Kolozsvár/Cluj, B-dul 21 Decembrie nr. 9
Phone: +40 264593236
Fax: +40 364450557
YIM ID: gyerodavid
Skype ID: gyerodavid

The Rev. Gyerő Dávid holds a Unitarian ministers’ degree from the Protestant Theological School in Kolozsvar (1997), a jurist degree from the Babes-Bolyai University in Kolozsvar (2008) and a masters’ degree in European law from the University of Pecs in Hungary (2009). In the 1990s, he worked as a leader of the Unitarian youth movement. From 2001 to 2014, David served the Headquarters of the Transylvanian (now Hungarian) Unitarian Church as the Councillor for church administration. In 2014, he was elected Deputy Bishop of the HUC. Since 2009, he has also been serving as the parish minister of the Unitarian congregation in Kolozs, a town near Kolozsvar. David is married and has three young children.

His first involvement with international Unitarianism was in a liberal organization for young adults called the International Religious Fellowship (IRF). Later David became active within the European chapter of the IARF. He also assisted the shaping of the international partnerships of the Transylvanian Unitarian congregations through the UU Partner Church Council. His first ICUU experience was attending a leadership training in India, then the ICUU council meetings in Barcelona, Oberwesel, Kolozsvár, Dumaguete and New York. In 2009, he was elected the Secretary of the ICUU, and in 2014 he was elected President of the ICUU.



Vice President: Fulgence Ndagijimana


SKYPE ID : ndagijimana.fulgence

Rev. Ndagijimana was born in Burundi. He joined the Dominican order in 1998. In the course of his training, it became clear that a more liberal path was in order for him. He soon founded a church and under his leadership, the Unitarian Church of Bujumbura thrived and developed a strong social justice stand and initiatiated programs to support vulnerable people in the community. As a consequence of his work, the church was attacked and he was kidnapped, detained and almost killed by the Bujumbura regime. He managed to escape Burundi and now lives in Canada. He continues to support the church in Burundi whose doors are still open (for now!). He has been active in supporting UU churches and groups in Africa. Professionally, he has worked for international organizations such Oxfam, Catholic relief Services and recently CORD. He is married to Therese and a proud father of well Brown.


Secretary: Lara Fuchs

Lara2016.jpgI am Canadian and Swiss, and have lived in Europe since 2005. I’ve been Unitarian Universalist all of my life, and have always cared deeply about human rights and our responsibility to our world. I believe that Unitarian Universalism can be a bridge between cultures and faiths, a platform for dialogue and compassion, and a model for how we can impact positive change in the world for people and for the Earth itself. I am interested in building networks and supporting emerging Unitarian communities around the world.

In 2010 I founded a new UU congregation in Basel, Switzerland, and became involved with the EUU (European Unitarian Universalists). Shortly thereafter, I attended an ICUU conference in Koloszvar and was invited by the Executive committee to fill a mid-term vacancy as a Member at Large. In 2014 I was elected to serve as Hon. Secretary, and also began my seminary studies to become a UU minister.

Currently I am serving three European UU fellowships as ministerial Intern, and am looking forward to continued work with the ICUU as we move forward in our mission and vision to broaden the reach and support of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist communities around the world.



Treasurer: John “Mich” Michell

I am a retired computer consultant. I was born in Montreal Quebec, attended university and worked 10 years in Toronto Ontario, and have lived since 1979 in Calgary Alberta. I have a B.Sc. (Math) from the University of Toronto, and took several courses leading to the Chartered Accountant designation. All of my career was in the computer industry, as a programmer, manager, trainer, and consultant. I am a past Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Church of Calgary for five years and am President of the Board until May 2017. I was Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Unitarian Council for the five years ending 2012. While my focus was on the Council’s finances, I participated fully in the business of the Council, including working on the implementation of the Carver system of governance, and managing changes to the Board’s policy manual.



Member at Large: Rev. Eric Cherry

eric_cherry.jpgIt has been a privilege to be involved in U/U international engagement since 1998 when I served for a year as an English teacher for Unitarian seminarians in Kolozsvár, Transylvania. Since that time I’ve been an active leader with a variety of organizations and departments that have global missions (UUPCC, ICUU, IARF, UU-UNO, UUCSJ), both as a UU Parish minister (1995-2007) and as the Director of the UUA International Office (2007-present). In these positions, I’ve had the additional privilege to work very closely with Unitarians, UUs, and interfaith partners in many countries within the framework of developing ‘Faithful Solidarity’ with the UUA. These partnerships have supported lay and professional ministries, building projects, strategic planning, various workshops, leadership training opportunities, visits with UUA congregations and organizational re-structuring projects.

Member at Large: Inga Brandes

110icuu_inga_brandes.jpgUnitarier – Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens, Mitglied des Präsidiums

Unitarians – Religious Society of Free Faith, Co-President
D – 58095 Hagen
Contact: inga.brandes[at]
Mobil: +49-163-77 50 810

I was born and raised Unitarian and thus have taken part in the Unitarian movement in Germany all my life. During the last twenty years or so I served Unitarian movement in various positions: vice-president of our youth organization (BduJ), member of the federal Young Adult Programming Committee, member of our „Spiritual Council” [a permanent working group, whose objective is the protection and development of the community’s religious and spiritual foundations and aims], co-editor and author of unitarische blaetter [our nationwide bi-monthly member magazine] and most recently I was elected co-president of our national governing board. My interest in the global unitarian and universalist movement goes back to my days as a teenage volunteer during the IARF-Congress 1990 in Hamburg/Germany and deepened steadily since I came back from my first ICUU-experience – a European strategy meeting in Kolosvar/Cluj-Napoca in 2012.

After I took my masters degree in History, International Relations and German Literature and Language I worked about a year for the Jewish Claims Conference [Fund for former slaved and forced laborers] and then became a research fellow for some years in a large collaborative historical research project at Trier University: Being a stranger and being poor from ancient times to the present day – patterns of inclusion and exclusion. During that time I started to write my Ph.D. in modern Irish and European history. It covers the period between 1880 and 1930 and deals with the lives of poor people in rural regions. It historicizes their social profiles and stories and aims to assess the role that workhouses, charities and self-help played for them.

Since 2010 I work full-time in a German university’s department of university planning and strategy. That is why my professional expertise covers quite a wide field stretching from strategic planning, organisational analysis, enabling international research cooperation, developing funding strategies for research projects, as well as expertise in issues like promoting gender equality and diversity in public institutions and so on. On top I am a huge fan of lifelong learning and continue my education as I go – testing the latest technological developments such as #MOOCs ;). And of course I aspire to bring all of this to my work for the ICUU.


Member At Larger: Rev. Darihun Khriam

darihun.jpgSmit, India

I am a minister of the Unitarian Union North East India and I also serve as the Treasurer.
Unitarianism in the Khasi Hills is a lay led movement and has survived through the 129 years of our journey. Working as a minister in different rural churches enable me to see that we don’t have to be born as a leader but we need to have the call to serve in whatever capacity we can. It can be small or big, but what matter is that we share the responsibility to get the work going. As a minister I will not be able to perform my duty if our church members does not help me as I have to travel from one to the other with 8 churches to look after. I therefore offer myself to share the work of the ICUU in whatever way I can to help us grow from strength to strength. The strength of Unitarians all over the world inspires Unitarian in their own country because we know that by ourselves we are just a tiny drop of water in the vast ocean of this world.

Executive Director: Rev. Sara Ascher

revsara_ascher_photo.jpgExecutive Director

PO Box 1434

Framingham, MA 01701


Rev. Sara Ascher has been a Unitarian Universalist her entire life. After graduating from Andover Newton Theological School in 2000 with a Masters of Divinity she spent the next 16 years serving Unitarian Universalist congregations in the United States. She now works with our global faith as the Executive Director of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.


Bookkeeper: Susan Greenberg

sgreenberg.jpgICUU Finance Department attn: Susan Greenberg

PO Box 300 Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706 USA

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