International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Youth Events

The ICUU has a committment to connecting our youth and young adults whenever possible and to helping train the next generation of leaders.

Funding international gatherings of youth and young adults is never easy. At present no events are planned. Below are some brief reports from previous events.

The 2nd ICUU-ORGANISED Youth Conference

The 2nd ICUU-ORGANISED Youth Conference took place at the Madan Laban Unitarian Church, Khasi Hills.Twenty two young adults took part in this five- day event which featured, among others, the following prominent resource persons: Rev. Jill McAllister, Lois Van Leer, Lori Ragona (all of the U.S.), Rev. Istvan Kovacs and Agnes Kovacs (both of Transylvania), and Father Joseph Celia (Director, Don Bosco Youth Center), Dr. H.G.Ghonglah (noted columnist and socialite), Dr. Rica Lamar (Medical Officer, SANKER Sanatorium), Mr. Michael Syngkon (an expert on drug-abuse and addiction).

The theme of the Conference was “HOW SHALL WE LIVE?”. Many issues confronting the youth of today, such as alcoholism, substance-abuse, addiction, peer pressure, pre-marital sex and early marriage were taken up for threadbare discussion. Two days were reserved for spiritual and leadership issues. The newly-introduced covenant group sessions proved a big hit with the youths who all come from a lay-led organisation. On the final day, all undertook a trekking to U LUM SOHPETBNENG (the Navel of Heaven, according to Khasi folklore), 25 kilometres away, where physical activities were conducted. The Conference enjoyed extensive print-and-electronic-media coverage for three consecutive days. The National T.V. carried an interview with Jill who elaborated on the theme and the purpose of holding such a conference, preceded by an introduction to the history of the ICUU and the ideals that it stands for.

Briefly summing up, all the participants were unanimous that the Conference, apart from being beneficial, had “transformed” them, and felt that such conferences should be organized from time to time. The Khasi Unitarians have much to thank the ICUU for bringing the Conference to this remote part of the globe and for its successful conduct.

— Pearl Greene Marbaniang

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