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Curriculum – The Garden of Unitarian Universalism

Curriculum: The Garden of Unitarian Universalism

by Melinda Sayavedra & Marilyn Walker

Curriculum Overview: The Garden of Unitarian-Universalism
Unit 1—The International Council of Unitarian-Universalists: The Garden of Unitarian-Universalism
Unit 1a—Order of Service: Unitarian-Universalists Around the World – Your Own UU Journey
Unit 2—Transylvania: The Oak Tree
Unit 2a—Order of Service: Transylvania – What is God?
Unit 3—Hungary: A Sister Oak and Tulip
Unit 3a—Order of Service: Hungary – A Communion Service
Unit 4—Poland: The Corn Poppy
Unit 4a—Order of Service: Poland – What is Truth?
Unit 6—USA: The Trillium
Unit 6a—Order of Service: USA – UU Children and Religious Education
Unit 8—Australia, New Zealand, Asia: Gentiana
Unit 8a—Order of Service: Australia, New Zealand, Asia: Nature and Religion
Unit 9—India: The Orchid
Unit 9a—Order of Service: India – The Life Blood and Soul of your Life
Unit 10—Western & Central Europe: The Sunflower
Unit 10a—Order of Service: Western & Central Europe – A Flower Communion
Unit 11—Pakistan: Fountain Grass
Unit 11a—Order of Service: Pakistan – Bringing Comfort and Gladness
Unit 13—Scandinavia and Eastern Europe: Angelica Archangelica
Unit 13a—Order of Service: Scandinavia and Eastern Europe – What is Religion?
Unit 14—Africa: The Ana Tree
Unit 14a—Order of Service: Africa – What is Wisdom?
Unit 16—Tending the Garden: Closing Unit
Unit 16a—Order of Service: One Garden, Many Flowers – Thoughts on the Garden

“The Garden of Unitarian-Universalism”
A Curriculum Workbook by Melinda Sayavedra & Marilyn Walker

Acknowledgments: This project is funded in part by the Fund for Unitarian Universalism.

“The Garden of Unitarian-Universalism” was written to help Unitarians and Universalists everywhere gain a broader and deeper understanding of our shared faith.

In designing this workbook, we tried to consider many ways, settings and timeframes in which it could be used, including

  • by an individual wanting to study international Unitarian and Universalism independently
  • by a lay-led congregation for study and for worship services
  • as a weekly class for adults for anywhere from 6 weeks to a full year
  • by congregations or individuals preparing to visit or host members from their partner church or attend an ICUU-sponsored event
  • by individuals designing worship services
  • in a retreat or workshop setting where discussion, hands-on activities and worship are interwoven over several days
  • as a curriculum for high school-aged groups (ages 14-18) interested in learning more about international Unitarian-Universalism and U-U history
  • by covenant groups for use in small group ministry

It is important to first read the Overviewin order to understand how the curriculum is set up and how it can be used.

There are 16 units (subject to change) in this curriculum. The units are presented roughly in order of each tradition¹s founding. Each unit was written to stand independently and may be studied in any order; however, we strongly recommend that all groups begin with Unit 1: The Garden of Unitarian-Universalism to get an overview of the ICUU and end with Unit 16: Tending the Garden for closure. Each unit includes its own Small Group Worship Order of Service for use in small group ministry.

“The Garden of Unitarian-Universalism” may not be published or used in any sort of profit-making manner. It is solely for the use of individuals and congregations to learn about international Unitarians and Universalists. Copies of the material may be made for educational use or for use in worship.

Every effort has been made to properly acknowledge and reference sources and to trace owners of copyrighted material. We regret any omission and will, upon written notice, make the necessary correction(s) in subsequent editions.

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