International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

Developing Religious Leaders

Training and mentoring for U-U ministers, pastors and religious leaders is central to the mission of the ICUU, and we have developed expertise in this work over many years.  Through intensive courses, topical conferences, symposia and meetings, we provide culturally contextual adaptive training and education, which links U-U groups and theological schools together toward the common goal of strong and appropriate leadership for our movement worldwide.

Pastoral Care Training – Burundi    A four-day intensive course in pastoral care and counseling forministers and religious leaders from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo Brazzaville, in (dates).   Materials were sourced from African theologians and ministers, or adapted for African contexts.  Participants practiced skills with each other, using local and personal experiences as case studies. 

HUGE project – Europe  A four-day leadership course for participants from ICUU groups in Hungary, Romania, Germany, England, France, Italy, Finland, Poland, Austria,……..   in (dates)  Participants shared case studies of local challenges and opportunities, and demographic and social trends in Europe, while using tools for organizational analysis.  Plans for cooperation and collaboration between groups were included in the outcomes.

Pan African Minister’s Training – Coming in 2016, a training for African U-U ministers, designed and developed by African U-U ministers, with support from UU theological schools in the USA and Europe.

Leadership School – The Philippines  Coming in 2017, the next installment of ongoing ICUU leadership training and development, requested by the UU Church of the Philippines.  This training program will be tailored to the specific needs of the UUCP, building on previous programs and existing strengths, and inviting cooperation from other ICUU member groups as needed.

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