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ICUU Global Chalice Lightings for 2010

January 2010

As one small flame

fills a whole room with light,

So may we radiate

hope, courage and good cheer

in our homes, in our worship

and in all the corners

of our world.

Celia Midgley
British General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

February 2010

Ti vagytok a világ világossága. Nem rejtethetik el a hegyen épített

város. Gyertyát sem azért gyújtanak, hogy a véka alá, hanem hogy a

gyertyatartóba tegyék és fényljék mindazoknak, a kik a házban vannak. Úgy

fényljék a ti világosságtok az emberek előtt, hogy lássák a ti jó

cselekedeteiteket, és dicsőítsék a ti mennyei Atyátokat.

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:14-16

Transylvanian Unitarian Church

March 2010

Eda Dapo, E Jo Yin


E Pa Ohun nyin po,

Lati Fe Oro Na;

K’ ife da

Gbogbo orin ope nla,

Ki gbogbo eda k’o si gbe.

Let all nations live together in unison
And praise GOD together.
Speak with one voice
To LOVE and accept the Word.
Let LOVE create great songs of praise
For all living souls to sing together.

Olufemi Matimoju
First Unitarian Church of Nigeria

April 2010

Au nom de la Miséricorde et de la Compassion :

Suivant les traces d’Ibn Arabi, maître soufi, nous laissons se dilater nos coeurs, afin de les rendre capables d’étreindre toute forme spirituelle ou existentielle.

Notre cœur, pour celles et ceux qui cherchent, est devenu une église, un temple, une synagogue, une mosquée, un sanctuaire, une citadelle pour les humbles, les souffrants et les minorités d’où qu’elles viennent.

Nous croyons en la religion de l’Amour, qui n’a pas de genre, vers laquelle se dirigent les histoires personnelles.

Car l’Amour est notre religion et notre foi.

In the name of compassion and loving-kindness:

Following the paths of Ibn Arabi, a Sufi master,
we let our hearts dilate to enable them to fit all spiritual or existential kinds.
For those who seek, our hearts have become church, temple, synagogue, mosque, sanctuary;
stronghold for the poor, for those who are suffering, for minorities wherever they come from.
We believe in the religion of Love, which has no gender, and to which all personal stories are leading.
Because Love is our religion and our faith.

Yohann Amal
Conseil des Unitariens et Universalistes Français (CUUF)

May 2010

Alafia mbe l’okan ti Ife
nse Oluto;
Ife dara julo l’ebun
O nmu ‘wa rere pe.

Peace reigns in the heart that
Love co-ordinates and directs.
Unrestrained love is the greatest gift,
As it prolongs good behaviors and attitudes,

Olafemi Matimoju
First Unitarian Church of Nigeria

June 2010

We light our chalice in celebration of the life of Norbert Fabián Čapek,deeplyreligious figure endowed with unusual courage, pioneer of CzechUnitarianism and martyr for what we value, embodying the best of our faith in the worst of times.
Born one hundred forty years ago this month, his spirit is still among religious liberals the world over when we re-create his creation the flower communion.
May the rekindled flame of our chalice, rekindle our appreciation of all the women and men whose dedication to their personal visions paved the path on which we walk together on our own spiritual journeys.
Rev. Steve Dick
ICUU Executive Secretary

July 2010

We light this Chalice, a living symbol of the one Life thatanimates and sustains all things and all persons, the one Life in which we all live and move and have our being, and the
one Life which perpetually gives of itself to itself so as to become the many.

By means of the light of truth and reason, and the warmth of fellowship and compassion, may the many come to know themselves to be not only interconnected with each other but also indivisible emanations of that one great
Light which enlightens all Life and which can never be extinguished.

Rev. Dr. Ian Ellis-Jones
Australian and New Zealand Unitarian Universalist Association

August 2010

What words tell the truth? What balms heal? What proverbs kindle the fires and passion of joy? What spirituality stirs the hunger for justice? We seek answers to these questions — not only fo ourselves, but for our communities and our
society. What are the ways of being with one another that enable life to flourish, rich with meaning? When violence has fractured communities, isolated people, and broken hearts, how can life be repaired? We ask these questions not to arrive at final answers, but because asking them is  fundamental to living.

Rita Nakashima Brock & Rebecca Ann Parker
Unitarian Universalist Association

September 2010

Vanity is all human Wisdom.
Vanity is our Fear;
Sin will continue to reign in our Heart,
If LOVE is Absent.

Asan ni gbogbo
imo je, Asan n’
iberu wa;

Ese y’o joba l’okan wa,
B’ ife ko si nibe.

Olufemi Matimoju
First Unitarian Church of Nigeria

October 2010

Vše, co mělo svůj počátek, má i svůj konec.
Tak jako den přechází do noci,
tak jako noc přechází do dne,
tak i jedna epocha přechází do epochy další.

Začal život tvůj, začal život můj;
jednoho dne skončí život tvůj,
skončí život můj.
Vše končí, vše se mění,
vše z jedné podoby
do jiné podoby přechází.

V průběhu změn, které jsou tak příznačné pro život světa, je přece něco stálého.
Je něco, co se nemění,
co zůstává nedotčeno všemi změnami
a všemi zvraty vesmírných dějů.
Je to Bytí, Jsoucno,
je to nehybný, netčený Zdroj toho, co je.

Vprostřed změti změn,
když se cítíme nejisti,
ohroženi nebo osamoceni,
ztišme svou mysl a useberme se,
a ponořme se v duchu
do Zdroje toho, co je, kde pramení Bytí.

Zůstaňme v tichu v tom místě.
To je naše zázemí, pevný bod.

Plamen kalicha, který teď
zapalujeme, v sobě odráží tento
proces usebrání, a také sdílený
posvátný proctor
tohoto našeho společenství.

Pohlédni do plamene
a vnímej tichou radost ve svém srdci.

Everything that has begun will end.
Like the day changes into night,
Like the night changes into day,
In the same way,
One stage changes into another.

Your life began
And so did mine;
One day your life will end
And so will mine.

Everything will end
Everything changes,
Everything transforms
From one shape into another.

In the course of changes so characteristic of life in this world,
There is, however, Something constant:
Something which remains untouched
By all the changes and twists.

We may call it Being, Existence;
It is the untouched Source of all that is.

In the midstof changes,
When we feel insecure,
Threatened or isolated,
Let us calm our minds and
Move deep into our hearts
Into the Source of all that is,
Where the Being rises.

Let us stay in that place
For a moment.
It is our foundation,
It is our stable point.

The flame of the chalice we light now
Reflects this process of centering,
As well as the shared sacred space of
Our community.

Look into the flame and
Feel this quiet joy in your heart.

Rev. Dr. Petr Samojsky
Religious Society of Czech Unitarians

November 2010

O Sopro da Vida, apesar de nós;
O Sopro da Vida que os crentes chamam Deus;
O Sopro da liberdade e do perdão;
És Tu que nos fazes viver e lutar na nossa vida;
És Tu que dás sentido à nossa existência;
És Tu que nos permites viver e orar juntos apesar das nossas diferenças e singularidades;
Obrigado, Sopro da liberdade e do perdão, porque é em Ti e através de Ti que o respeito e o amor podem existir, sempre apesar de nós;
É sempre em Ti e através de Ti que, apesar de nós, podemos sonhar e trabalhar mundo novo, um mundo de libe
rdade, de amor e de perdão.

Breath of Life, in spite of us;
Breath of Life that believers call God;
Breath of freedom and forgiveness;
You give us life and sustain us in our life’s struggles;
You give meaning to our existence;
You make it possible for us to live and pray together, in spite of our differences and singularities;
We thank You, Breath of freedom and forgiveness, for in You and through You respect and love can exist, always in spite of us;
In You and through You always, in spite of us, we have the power to dream and to work
for a new world, a world of freedom, love and forgiveness.

Paulo Renato
Garrochinho Liberal and Unitarian Christians of Portugal

December 2010

As we light our chalice at the ending of one year and the beginning of another year,
we affirm…
The radiant joy and beauty of the world in which we live
The unity of all life and our interdependence with the rest of creation
Our responsibility to care for and sustain all forms of life on the planet for future generations
The uniqueness and equal dignity of every person
The power of unconditional love to transform lives
The importance of constantly seeking truth and wisdom
Our commitment to support each other in the task of building the Kingdom of Heaven, based on
peace, justice and love
The divine ground of our being that connects us with each other and the infinite and which
replenishes and heals us

Roger Courtney
All Souls Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, Belfast, N. Ireland


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