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December 2006

Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.
Walk humbly, now.
Do justly, now.
Love mercy, now.
You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.

— from the Talmud
submitted by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

November 2006

(in English, Spanish and Catalan)

We light this chalice in remembrance of our forebear Michael Servetus, who died in the month of October, more than 450 years ago, defending his right to think and believe independently.

He said: “I wish that everybody was freely allowed to speak in our churches,” and so we recognize in the free expression of thought and the diversity of opinions the basis of our liberal faith.


Encendemos este cáliz en memoria de Miguel Servet, que murió en octubre hace más de 450 años, defendiendo su derecho a pensar y creer de manera independiente.

El dijo: “Ojalá todos pudieran hablar libremente en nuestras iglesias”, y así reconocemos en la libre expresión del pensamiento y la diversidad de opiniones la base de nuestra fe liberal.


Encenem aquest calze en memòria de’n Miquel Servet, que va morir a l’octubre fa més de 450 anys, defensant el seu dret de pensar i creure de manera independent. Ell va dir: “Tant de bò que tots
puguessin parlar lliurement en les nostres esglésies”, i així reconeixem en la lliure expressió del pensament i en la diversitat d’opinions la base de la nostra fe liberal.

— Jaume de Marcos
submitted by the Unitarian Universalist Society of Spain

October 2006

(words from the hymn “On this Holy Day” in English and Khasi)

1. Lord, we love to congregate, 1. TRAI, NGI IEIT BAN IASENG,
On this holy day; HA KANE SNGI BAKHUID;
In Your divine presence, HAKHMAT JONGPHI NGI IENG,
On this holy day. HA KANE SNGI BAKHUID;
You who love us, O God, PHI UBA IEIT, A TRAI,
We pray to you, our Lord; HAPHI NGI IA DUWAI,
Shower Your blessings on us, JINGKYRKHU IANGI AI,
On this holy day. HA KANE SNGI BAKHUID.

2. We have not just drifted here,
On this holy day;
We’ve come to worship together,
On this holy day.
To overcome evil intentions,
On this holy day;
To learn how to bow before You,
On this holy day.

3. We listen to the words of truth,
On this holy day;
May they stay with us,
On this holy day.
When we leave this House today,
Abide with us, O Lord;
Bless us, Lord, we pray,
On this holy day.



— adapted by Hajom Kissor Singh from ahymn by Elizabeth Parsons
submitted by the Unitarian Union of North East India

September 2006

(In English, German, and French)

Passing on a burning candle:

A light and a smile
lead the path from loneliness to togetherness.

Spruch zum Weitergeben einer brennenden Kerze:

Das Licht und das Lächeln
weisen den Weg
vom Einsamen zum Gemeinsamen.

Passons la flamme brûlante:

Une lumière et un sourire
Tracent la voie
De l’isolement à la réunion et au travail d’ensemble.

Traduction: Lucie-Marie Castonguay-Bower

— Anke Schmielau
submitted by Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft

August 2006

(In English and Bahasa Indonesia)

We light this chalice by giving thanks for the fire of love that burns within our hearts,
to remember that when fire meets fire there aren’t many, but one fire. And now we want to worship GOD
the source of fire in all hearts, so that we may all be one in His love. Let’s start our worship.

Kita nyalakan lilin ini dengan mengucap syukur atas api kasih yang menyala dalam hati kita; untuk mengingat
bahwa ketika api bertemu api, yang ada bukan lagi banyak api melainkan satu.
Dan kini kita ingin menyembah TUHAN,
sumber api segala hati,
supaya kita semua menjadi satu di dalamkasih-Nya Mari kita mulai ibadah kita.

— Ellen Kristi
submitted by Jemaat Allah Global Indonesia

July 2006

(In English, Spanish, and Catalan)

Lighting this chalice, we invoke the presence of Love in our hearts, to share it today among us
and then spread it to the world. Therefore, let nobody feel a stranger in this circle and may all
feel welcome.

Al encender este cáliz, invocamos la presencia del Amor en nuestros corazones para
compartirlo hoy entre nosotros y propagarlo después al mundo. Así pues, que nadie se sienta
extraño en este círculo y que todos sean bienvenidos.

En encendre aquest calze, invoquem la presència de l’Amor als nostres cors per comparti-lo
avui entre nosaltres i propagar-lo després al món. Així doncs, que ningú se senti estrany en
aquest cercle i que tots hi siguin benvinguts.

— submitted by the Sociedad Unitaria Universalista de España

June 2006

(In English and Urdu)

We light this chalice to bring light and warmth;
The Light and warmth that shows us the way;
The way to Compassion;
The Compassion that is unconditional;
The Unconditional that does not demand;
Demand to be alike in our faith and beliefs;
The Belief that Liberates from Human Tensions;
Fears and Phobias;
Guilt and Feeling of Sinfulness;

Iek Diaha jilaiha;
Roshine saaygarmaiha;
Jis naay iek rasta dikhaiha;
Hamdardee koo apnaiha;
Bina sharit lagaiha;
Bina appnay jasa bana kay;
Iek Iman sounaiha;
Zahnee Dabaou, khuff aur;
Ihsasaay Ghounha saay churaiha;

— Inderias Bhatti
submitted by the Unitarian Unversalist Christians of Pakistan

May 2006

Life is an art, it requires practice to achieve greatness, but greatness is always waiting, ready to be

May the light of this chalice remind us of the possibility for everyone to achieve truth and goodness in
our lives, if we only seek it.

— Beth Bullmer
submitted by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (USA)

April 2006

We light this chalice

To honour those brave souls
Who spoke their truth,
Who questioned authority,
Who defied orthodoxy.

Their courage speaks to us through this chalice

And encourages us all
To think strongly
To love fully

In our shared quest for truth, beauty and meaning.

— Derek McCullough
Submitted by the Australian and New Zealand Unitarian Association

March 2006

(In English and French)

We light this flame for the victims of human and natural catastrophes around the world:

  • for those bent under the burden of AIDS, the stigma of the disease, and the lack of understanding of those close to them, neighbours and family members,
  • for victims of famine, among them the many children with shrunken bodies and eyes that don’t know where to look for help,
  • for those injured by the breach of couples, especially the children,
  • for refugees and those displaced by countless wars that ravage so many regions of our world, and who are left to stand on the doorstep of despair,
  • for victims of the errors brought about by human whims and caprices, of which global warming is but one symptom.

We light this flame also as a sign of our gratitude for all the love, care and solidarity of which women and men are capable, in the face of such terrible tragedies.

Nous allumons cette flamme pour les victimes des catastrophes humaines et naturelles:

  • • Pour les malades du Sida qui ploient sous le poids de la stigmatisation et l’incompréhension des voisins et de la famille.
  • Pour les victimes de la famine dont ces enfants aux corps émaciés qui ne savent à qui donner de la tête.
  • Pour les personnes blessées par la séparation au sein des couples notamment les enfants.
  • Pour les déplacés et les réfugiés des nombreuses guerres qui font ravages dans de nombreuses régions du monde et qui sont au seuil du désespoir.
  • Pour les victimes des catastrophes causées par la cupidité humaine dont le réchauffement planétaire n’est que l’une des manifestations.

Nous allumons aussi cette flamme en signe de gratitude pour l’amour, l’attention et la solidarité dont les hommes et les femmes sont capables au milieu de ces terribles tragedies.

— Fulgence Ndagijimana
submitted by the Assemblée des Chrétiens Unitariens, Burundi

February 2006

(In English and Spanish)

Across this land and around the world
Good-hearted people strive for justice, struggle for peace,
Honour love, and dream of a new day
When all will live in dignity.
Our loving, free faith has a part to play,
A vision to uphold, and a call that sounds
From sea to sea to sea.
If you are here this morning,
You are called to the ministry of all to all
To make heaven here on earth
Now, in this place, on this planet
For all people.
May our time in worship together,
As a congregation and as a faith,
Renew our call to this shared ministry.

A través de esta tierra y alrededor del mundo
La gente de buen corazón pugna por la justicia, lucha por la paz,
Honra el amor, y sueña con un nuevo día
En el que todas y todos vivirán dignamente.
Nuestra fe, libre y amorosa, tiene una función que desempeñar,
Una visión que sustentar, y un llamado para hacerlo resonar
Desde el mar hasta el mar.
Si estás aquí esta mañana,
Eres convocado al ministerio de todos para todos,
Para hacer el paraíso aquí en la tierra
Ahora, en este lugar, en este planeta
Para toda la gente.
Que nuestro tiempo de adoración juntos,
Como congregación y como fe,
Renueve nuestro llamado a este ministerio compartido.

— Allison Barrett
submitted by the Canadian Unitarian Council

January 2006

(In English and German)

Life, unfathomable plenty —
You carry us and imbue us and flow around us,
You call us like everything into being and give everyone our time,
Thatwe may make use of it to come to know You,
To encounter You in light and shadow.
We take and accept You and we are thankful.
Find us prepared!

Leben, unergründliche Fülle —
Du trägst und durchdringst und umflutest uns alle,
rufst uns wie alles ins Sein, gibst jedem seine Zeit,
dass wir sie nutzen Dich zu erfahren,
Dich zu bestehen in Licht und in Schatten.
Wir nehmen es an und sind dankbar dafür.
Finde uns bereit!

— Hans-Dietrich Kahl
submitted by Deutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft

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