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December 2005

(In English and Spanish)

We light this flame that represents the lightof Truth, the warmth of Love, and the energy of

Encendemos esta llama que representa la Luz de la Verdad, el Calor del Amor, y la Energia de la

— Lillian Burlando
Peace and Harmony Center, Argentina

November 2005

(In English and Afrikaans)

As we gather in the shadow of our mountain,
The ocean laps around our feet.
We reach deep for the silence within…
Feel the rhythm of the ancient drum…
We light our flame, it lifts us high.
Our rainbow seems alight.
Diverse as we are
Together as one!
Our flame will shine afar
And guide our journey’s light.

Ons vergader in die skadu van ons berg.
Branders spoel om ons heen!
Ons streef na dieper inner stilte…
Voel die ritme van eeu ou trom…
Die aansteek van ons vlam, dit hef ons hoog!
Ons reenboog skyn verlig!
Uiteenlopend soos ons is, tersame as een.
Gloeiend is ons vlam van ver, dit lei ons reistog’s pad.

— Karien van der Walt
submitted by the Unitarian Church of South Africa

October 2005

(In English and French)

Breath of the divine, light a flame of reflection in all that we do.
Breath of creation, light a flame of connection in our circle of care.
Breath of wonder, light a flame of inspiration to cultivate participation.
Breath of fear, light a flame of courage to be who we are: sentient, vulnerable, and diverse.
Breath of this moment, light a flame of celebration for our future unfolds the covenant of this day.

Souffle du divin, donnez vie à la flamme de la réflexion pour découvrir le sens profond de nos actes.
Souffle de la création, donnez vie à la flamme de la compassion pour créer des liens qui nous unissent.
Souffle de l’émerveillement, donnez vie à la flamme de l’inspiration pour nous inciter à la participation active de tout notre être.
Souffle de la peur, donnez vie à la flamme du courage pour être qui nous sommes : consciencieux, vulnérables et diversifiés.
Souffle du moment, donnez vie à laflamme de la celebration pour que notre avenir puisse se déployer grâce à notre engagement d’aujourd’hui

— Janet Vickers
submitted by the Canadian Unitarian Council

September 2005

Just as the sun bathes us in its light, its warmth and its love,
so may the spirit of this chalice bless us with truth, life, and love.

— Derek McCullough
submitted by the Australian and New Zealand Unitarian Association

August 2005

(In English and Czech)

May this flame go up and remind us that our faith is good: every one of us can bring love to the
world. May this chalice burn with clear flame as a symbol of our path: every one of us can have
joy, peace and harmony in our hearts. May through this flame the wisdom of ages speak to us
and stay in us: every one of us can be a blessing to the world.

Necht horí tento plamen a pripomíná nám, ze nase víra je dobrá: kazd_ z nás muze svetu prináset
dobro a lásku. Necht horí tento kalich jasn_m plamenem jako symbol nasí cesty: kazd_ z nás
muze v srdci mít radost, mír a pokoj. Necht v tomto plameni k nám moudrost veku promluví a
zustane v nás: kazd_ z nás muze b_t svetu pozehnáním.

— Petr Samojsky
submitted by the Religious Society of Czech Unitarians

July 2005

(In English and Urdu)

Love accepts without doubts …
Like the story told by my grand father,
The story that says:
A man kills the snake just because
He anticipates that it would bite him,
Whereas it may be hiding from a man to be killed;
So if a snake sees a man it bites him;
And if the man sees the snake he kills it.
The cycle of enmity between man and snake will continue
Until or unless both can get rid of
their fear of each other;
Like a yogi That keeps and loves the snakes,
And none bites but rather care;
The care that brings Peace instead of violence!!!

Shakk nahinh hay piyar maian…
Mairray dada ke kahani ki tarhaha;
Kahani jo kahie haay;
Admmi sanp ko marrata haay;
Qeuanqay woo dang say darta haay;
Woo bee ous say darta haay;
Aur aghar sanp mauqa pata haay too woo ous ko katta haay;
Aur aghar insan mauqa pata haay too woo ous ko marta haay;
Dusamani ka chakar youinhe chalta haay;
Jub tak kay khouf na dour karainh;
Ouous joggi ke tarhaha;
Joo sanpoonh koo piyar karaay;
Koi na kisse pay war karaay;
Aur her koi kisse say piyar karaay!!!

— Mrs. Shaheen Bhatti
submitted by the Unitarian Universalist Christians of Pakistan

June 2005

(In English and Danish)

When life seems heavy and dark, and you feel very sad –
Light a candle!
When life seems light and wonderful, and you feel like hugging the world –
Light a candle!
Let this flame represent precisely the candle you need to light at this very moment.

Når livet synes trist og mørkt –
så tænd et lys!
Når livet synes let og vidunderligt, og du har lyst til at omfavne alverden –
så tænd et lys!
Lad denne flamme symbolisere det lys du har brug for at tænde netop nu.

—Lene Lund Shoemaker
submitted by the Danish Unitarian Church

May 2005

We light this chalice to mark the commencement of our Unitarian and Universalist service of witness. By this simple act of lighting a flame we are activating a symbol of our solidarity with a nobleline of freedom of thought that is relevant today and necessary for the future of all humanity. By this simple act we are identifying with a world-wide community of fellow believers who seek to enrich the world by their peaceful and tolerant commitment to Unitarian and Universalist principles.

— British General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

April 2005

(In English and Spanish)

We light this chalice as a symbol of the light that shines in the human heart.

Encendemos este cáliz como símbolo de la luz que brilla en el corazón humano.

— Unitarian Universalist Society of Spain

March 2005

As it was the will of our Lord Sovereign, his Highness, to bring decisions along with his country
on the sessions of the Diet the preceding days, regarding the matters of religion, he is willing to
confirm the same this very day, namely that preachers are supposed to preach the Gospel in all
places, according to their own understanding, and if the community is willing to accept, it is
well, if it is not, no one is allowed to press them to adopt it in spite of their not being reassured in
their heart; but they may keep a preacher whose teachings they like. And no one among the
superintendents or others are allowed to hurt them for this, for on account of the religion no one
is to be sneered at, according to the former rules. No one is allowed to threaten anyone with
imprisonment or deprivation of his office; for faith is the gift of God, this comes from listening,
listening through the words of God.

Urunk _felsége, miképpen az ennekel_tte való gy_lésében országával együtt az religió dolgáról
végezett, azonképpen mostan és ez jelen való gy_lésébe azt meger_síti, tudniillik, a prédikátorok
az evangéliumot hírdessék, kiki az _ értelme szerint, és azt a közönség ha venni akarja, jó, ha
nem pedig senki kényszerítéssel ne kényszerítse az _ lelke azon meg nem nygodván, de olyan
prédikátort tarthasson, akinek tanítása _neki tetszik. Ezért senki a superintendensek közül, semmások a prédikátorokat meg nem báthassa, senki az religióért ne szidalmaztassék az el_bbi
konstituciók szerint. Nem engedtetik meg senkinek, hogy bárkit is fogsággal, vagy helyér_l való
elmozdítással fenyegessen a tanításért, mert a hit Istennek ajándéka, ez hallásból lészen, mely
hallás Istennek igéje által vagyon.

— Diet of Torda, 1568
submitted by the Transylvanian Unitarian Church

February 2005


We pray for the people of the Ocean of Tears.

No words can express their grief.
We who look on cannot know the devastation
in their hearts.

Though we give and give and give,
we cannot fill the void where once were
parents, children, husbands, wives,
and families that are no more — but give we must.

Our prayers may seem but empty words
before such suffering — but pray we must.

We pray for the children,
orphaned and alone amidst the carnage,
their faces blank with trauma beyond imagination.

We pray for the parents,
‘sobbing in bitter grief’, weeping for their children
beyond all comfort.

We pray for every life that has been shattered
around the Ocean of Tears that stretches from
Sumatra to Somalia.

We feel shame and anger that there are those
who exploit this tragedy and its victims for
selfish and evil ends.

We give thanks for the tide of loving kindness
that has swept the world.

We pray for those, of whatever faith or nation,
who relieve the suffering, rebuild the ruins and
restore the shattered communities.

And for ourselves, we pray that the grace
of sympathy and generosity be made strong
in our hearts — and never fade.

— Cliff Reed
from the ICUU

January 2005

As we light this chalice, we recollect
the power enlightenment brings to the shadows of ignorance,
the hope compassion brings to the heaviness of oppression,
the warmth community brings to the loneliness of isolation.

May this chalice inspire us to embody in our own lives
enlightenment, compassion, and community,
that we may encourage all who would seek
to work together for the transformation
of our bruised and hurting world.

— Ned Wight
submitted by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

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