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EMERGENCY APPEAL: Unitarians in Burundi


Since Sunday April 27th, the capital city of Burundi has been living in a difficult situation. Many areas of the city have seen people on the streets demonstrating against the third term of the current president.

Communes like Kanyosha, Musaga, Nyakabiga, Ngagara, Cibitoke and now Kinindo have joined the demonstrations by burning tires and pieces of wood blocking the streets to prevent people from moving from place to place and to prevent the police from coming to destabilize the demonstrators.

The behavior of the police was criticized by many because they acted against the demonstrators by using real bullets and excessive force, killing 5 people to date, arresting more than 400 people and leaving dozens wounded.

In Kanyosha, some people had to flee their homes out of fear that they will be attacked by the police or the ruling party militia. Some of our church members fled their homes, others decided to send children and women in places believed to be safer.

The church is seeking to arrange a temporarily shelter in a place where it is relatively safer for people to stay. The church will provide food, water, medicines for members in the shelter and those in other places.

The church is appealing for funds to cover these needs and the needs that will come up in the next few days and weeks.

We know we are not alone and thank you very much for your support.

Thank you.
Rev. Ndagijimana Fulgence
Minister of the Unitarian Church of Burundi

To donate online, please use the link below to give using your credit card or PayPal account.
If you wish to donate by check, bank transfer or other means, please email for more information.
It is expected all donations will be needed for this emergency effort, but any funds not needed for this purpose will be applied to the ICUU Global Fund for Unitarian Universalism for ICUU work in Africa.



The situation is getting out of control and we do not know how the situation will develop. Last night was a particularly difficult one and rumours went around that people in Kanyosha and other parts of the city will be attacked in their homes and people decided to flee Kanyosha. This morning, militia men attacked journalists who were covering events here in Kanyosha.

So far, we have church members who have fled their homes in Musaga(xxxx and her family had to leave their home last night) and some others left Kanyosha and at the current rate, more people may leave later today. The fear is mostly due to armed militia that are now touring Kanyosha with visible weapons on them.

I am booked to see xxxx in the afternoon today and I will give her some financial support from the money that I have and we may have to do the same with other people once I know where they are and the current situation. One of the options, even for me, will be to leave Kanyosha and move to a different place of the city, we are not there yet but we may.

I managed to come to church today but gun shots could be heard from the church office, which is scary to say the least!!

I think it is time to launch a special and emergency appeal to support people during this time of crisis and displacement. Banks didn't open yesterday but some did open today . In fact, the city center is more secure but its hard to get there.

Rev. Ndagijimana Fulgence
Minister of the Unitarian Church of Burundi
XXXX - names deleted for personal safety

CONNECTING Unitarians and Universalists WORLD-WIDE for Twenty Years

ICUU Founding Meeting

The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) was formed in March 1985 at a meeting in Essex, Massachusetts, USA. Representatives from liberal religious groups from around the world gathering to create a network that has grown and developed every sense.
In the spirit of mutuality embodied in this organization, local celebrations of this anniversary are to be held all over the world throughout 2015. Commemorations will take place at national meetings of many of its member groups. The focus will be on the continuing mission and future vision of this vital organization.
Keep an eyes on this part of this webpage for news of such events and consider being a part of celebrations that may be held in your part of this island earth we call home.


General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (United Kingdom) Annual Meetings from March 29 to April 1 at Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England
ICUU senior Program Consultant Rev. Jill McAllister will be the theme speaker and she will lead related workshops.
More information can be found at:


European Unitarian Universalists (EUU) Spring Retreat from April 10 to 12 Oberwesel Hostel, Oberwesel, Germany
ICUU President Rev. David Gyero (Deputy Bishop of the Hungarian Unitarian Church) will be the speaker and minister for the weekend.  ICUU Executive Director Rev. Steve Dick will also be present and conduct a workshop.
More information available at:


Canadian Unitarian Council Annual Conference from May 10 to 13 at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada
ICUU Executive Director Rev. Steve Dick and ICUU Past President Rev. Brian Kiely will lead a number of events including a main program track on “Social Justice”, an International Dinner celebrating the involvement of Canadians in ICUU and an intergenerational workshop on How Not To Be A Unitarian Tourist.
More information online at:

Deutsche Unitarier Unitarian Days from May 22 to 25 in Worms, Gemany
ICUU Executive Committee Member at Large Inga Brandes will speak on ICUU and participate in related programs
Details available at:


Unitarian Union of North East India Celebration, Theological Symposium and Leadership School from June 9 to 16 in Shillong, Meglayhaya, India.
ICUU President Rev. David Gyero, ICUU Executive Director Rev. Steve Dick and ICUU Senior Program Consultant Rev. Jill McAllister will participate and be featured speakers

Unitarian Universalist Association (USA) General Assembly from June 24 to 28 in Portland,Oregon, USA
ICUU President Rev. David Gyero, ICUU Executive Director Rev. Steve Dick and ICUU Senior Program Consultant Rev. Jill McAllister will Take part in a number of events including the Opening Night Global Welcome Party, a program workshop and other events.
More information can be reached from the following web page:

Hungarian Unitarian Church Synod from July 13 to 16 in Kolozsvar, Romania.
ICUU Executive Director Rev. Steve Dick will address the delegates.


ICUU Held Successful European Leadership School in September 2014

Thirty-five participants from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom participated in the ICUU European Leadership School from September 3 to 8 2014 Kolozsvar, Romania at the headquarters of the Hungarian Unitarian Church, Episcopia Unitariana, 400105 Cluj-Napoca, Romania , B-dul 21 Decembrie nr. 9

This course was for members of ICUU affiliated groups in Europe in leadership roles – as lay persons or ministers or interested in the possibility of such involvement.

Focuses: Leadership Development, Unitarian Theology, History, Practice , Conducting Worship, Sustaining a Local Faith Community

The school included a mixture of lectures and small group work. As personal spiritual development is a vital part of leadership, participants met in credo groups similar to the chalice circles at ICUU conferences. A tour of Kolozsvar and the opportunity to meet and socialize with local Unitarians was also included.

Tutors & Staff:
Rev. Scott Prinster  (Dean)         
Unitarian Universalist minister and historian of science
Rev. Koppandi Botond                 
Theologian and Professor at Hungarian Unitarian Seminary
Rev. Petr Samojský                        
Minister to Czech Unitarian Society in Prague
Rev. Gyero David (Bursar)          
Current ICUU President & Councillor to Hungarian Unitarian Church
Rev. Steve Dick (Registrar)          ICUU Executive Director

More information about the Leadership School is available from ICUU Executive Director Steve Dick at



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Ministry for the Global UU Movement

Webinar held on April 4, 2013



U-U groups and organizations around the world share a need for
trained, educated and effective ministerial leaders. Learn about progress
recent developments in building capacity and increasing access for this training and education
around the world, and how individuals and congregations can support
this work.


Ministry for the Global UU Movement


Thursday, April 4, 2013



Ministry for the Global UU Movement from Steve Dick on Vimeo.


worship web



HUMBLE IN FRONT OF GOD --Words for Worship from Traynsylvanian Unitarians translated into English

A free copy of the ebook can be viewed and saved from the link below:

Click Here for Copy of Humble in Front of God


BELONGING -- Proceedings of the 3rd ICUU Theological Symposium held in July 2010 in The Netherlands

A free copy of the ebook can be viewed and saved from the link below:

Click Here for Copy of Theological Symposium 2010 Proceedings





Site Introduction

The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists is a network of Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist organizations. 22 national full member groups comprise the voting members of the Council. Provisional and emerging groups represent Unitarians from more than a dozen more countries. This site has been designed to serve those new to Unitarianism, Universalism and Unitarian Universalism, those who are new to the international aspects of our faith and finally, member groups and their delegates. There is a mix of educational and institutional information as well as news of programs and upcoming events.

In the News Video Now Available Chalice Lighting

ICUU Executive Committee Annouces Planned Dates and Location for 2016 ICUU Conference and Council Meeting

July 16-23, 2016, at Mennorode Conference Centre in Nunspeet, The Netherlands

This conference will be held during the summer to make it possible for some to attend during their vacation time.

The ICUU Executive Committee will meet on site this July (2015) at the Conference site to make further arrangements.

Expect more details and price and program information this August.

If advance information is needed or you have questions, please contact ICUU Executive Director Rev. Steve Dick at


From The ICUU Executive Director          
Dear ICUU Member Groups and Colleagues,

ICUU is working on a new website to replace the present site..

As part of that process, we are seeking to correct and update items on the presnt site so that the information ported to new site can be as accurate and up-to-date as possible..

Your assistance is requested in finding material on this site that needs to be corrected or modified. Please email me at with such items and they will be adressesd as soon as we can.

Volunteers are sought to assist with updating the site, particularly to research and write new material for the site. Please contact me if this is of interest.
Kind Regards, Rev.Steve Dick
Executive Director, International Council of Unitarians and Universalists


ICUU is seeking chalice lighting words to be considered for publication in the GLOBAL CHALICE LIGHTING WORDS series.

Submissions should be original or adapted words designed for use when lighting a chalice in the context of worship.

The author must be a member of an ICUU Member Group or of an Emerging Group recognized by ICUU.

Submission in a local language in addition to English is welcomed, particularly when English is not the native language.

Please note it is not possible to promise that submitted words can be used in a particular month or that any submission will be included in the series. A number of factors are considered when considered which words will be selected and when they will be used.

Submissions can be sent to ICUU GLOBAL CHALICE LIGHTING WORDS Acting Coordinator Steve Dick at

We look forward to receiving GLOBAL CHALICE LIGHTING WORDS from around the world and thank you for your assistance.

Progressive & Liberal Worship Crossing Cultures

Webinar recording from June 5



Is there a thread that connects liberal and progressive worship gatherings across differences in language, custom and practice? ICUU President Brian Kiely has participated in worship services in Unitarian and Universalist groups around the world. In this Webinar, Brian highlights differences in worship practice in ICUU Member Group as a prelude to offering a model that illuminates what unites us as a global community of indigenous progressive faith groups. Both theoretical and practical material is included.








ICUU wants to be responsive to the need for material about the Unitarian and Universalist religion in many languages. To begin, we can direct you to these existing sites:

Brazilian, Portuguese | Czech | Chinese | Danish | Spanish | Finnish | French | German | Hungarian | Italian: , | Polish | Russian | Swedish

Please email us with other sites that you know about.

French translation of the ICUU Preamble now available

The French Christian Unitarians (AFCU) are promoting a new website on Unitarianism and Unitarian biographies in French. The URL is:


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Global Chalice Lighting for February 2015

Congregations worldwide are invited to participate. We invite each congregation to use the reading for at least one worship service in the designated month, identifying it as the “Global Chalice Lighting” for that month and naming the group which submitted it. Readings will be circulated in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and, where different, in their original language. This Global Chalice Lighting was submitted by the Religious Society of Czech Unitarians and is for use in February 2015.

Hope, respect and love – three important treasures of spiritual life.
May they always be in our hearts, may we always give them generously.
The light of this flame is a symbol of them too, as hope, respect and love are the cornerstones of our free spiritual path.                                 
—Petr Samojsky, Religious Society of Czech Unitarians

希望,尊重,和熱愛 --- 是靈性生活裏的三個重要寶藏。
-Petr Samojsky,捷克一神論宗教學會

Nadeje, úcta a láska – tri dulezité poklady duchovního zivota. Necht jsou vzdy v nasich srdcích,
necht je vzdy stedre rozdáváme kolem. Svetlo tohoto plamene je také jejich symbolem, nebot
nadeje, úcta a láska jsou základními kameny svobodné duchovní cesty.
—Petr Samojsky, Religious Society of Czech Unitarians

Il y a trois trésors importants pour notre vie spirituelle: l’espérance, le respect et l’amour;
Puissent-ils êtres toujours présents en nos coeurs afin que nous puissions les offrir avec
La lumière de cette flamme en est un symbole également puisque l’espérance, le
respect et l’amour sont la pierre d’angle de notre cheminement spirituel et de notre liberté.
—Petr Samojsky, Religious Society of Czech Unitarians

Hoffnung, Respekt und Liebe - drei wichtige Schätze unseres spirituellen Lebens.
Mögen sie stets in unseren Herzen sein und wir sie stets großzügig verschenken.
Das Licht dieser Flamme ist ebenso ein Sinnbild für dafür, wie Hoffnung, Respekt und Liebe Eckpfeiler unseres freien spirituellen Weges sind.
—Petr Samojsky, Religious Society of Czech Unitarians

Espera, respeto y amor: tres tesoros importantes de la vida espiritual.
Ojalá estén siempre en nuestros corazones y podemos entregarlos a los demás con generosidad.
La luz de esta llama los simboliza, pues la esperanza, el respeto y el amor son las piedras angulares de nuestra vía espiritual libre.
—Petr Samojsky, Sociedad Religiosa de Unitarios Checos

(With many thanks to our volunteer translators: Bruce Epstein (English), Adam Hargrove (Chinese),  Jean-Claude Barbier (French), Freya Bednarski-Stelling (German) and Jaume de Marcos (Spanish).)

Past Chalice Lightings




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